• Millison participate in The Eleventh China-Latin American Entrepreneur Summit
    ?“The 11th China Latin American Entrepreneur Summit” is the Chinese first platform for promoting economic and trade cooperated with Latin America, and it’s praised by the Chinese government as "flagship brand of Sino Latin...
  • Go further and Create future
    In the coming harvest golden autumn season, Aug. 18th, Millison solemnly presided Ford Q1 handing over ceremony in Chongqing Dajiang Milison Die Casting Co., Ltd.
  • Millison participated in the 12th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition
    Millison has won the honor of top five China Die Casting Manufacturing Company and Best in Class Die Casting.
  • Substantial Achievements of Millison internationalization Strategy
    On 2017 May 14th, Millison die casting industrial park has been put into production in Banan Chongqing.
  • Millison: 2017 Best Supplier of Ericsson in Hardware Components Category
    Millison won the Best Supplier Award for the Hardware Components Category by defeating many competitors, which was the only Chinese company gaining this honor.
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